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Chakra jewelry descriptions
Jewelry stone descriptions
sterling silver findings depicting the lotus flower, the inspiration of floating lotus jewelry

The Lotus Flower emerges from the murky waters and rises above the muddy swamp. As the long stalk grows upward toward the light, its petals open up into a beautiful flower. The Lotus flower opens and closes its petals each day, giving it rebirth.

Floating Lotus Jewelry... a reflection of the rebirth energy of the beautiful Lotus blossom as it emerges from the mud and mire that gives the Lotus life. Use the Lotus flower as a positive example to overcome your struggles in life. Just like the Lotus flower, you can rise above the hard times and blossom into the beautiful person you are intended to be..."YOU".

The Lotus is one of the oldest Buddist symbols. It is said to offer one of the highest vibrations of any flower. The flower essences purpose is to enhance spirituality and intensify healing on every level.